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at June 29, 2006 22:24 by luxuryluke

Initial Code
<div id="searchbar">
 <form action="" method="get"> 
  <input type="text" name="q" value="Search Our Site" size="20" maxlength="120" id="searchInput" onfocus="if(this.value == 'Search Our Site'){this.value='';}">
  <input type="hidden" name="site" value="externalSearch">                    
  <input type="hidden" name="client" value="externalSearch">                  
  <input type="hidden" name="restrict" value="wwwexternal">  
  <input type="hidden" name="proxystylesheet" value="">                                             
  <input type="hidden" name="output" value="xml_no_dtd">     

  <input type="submit" name="btnG" value="Search" id="searchSubmit">

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A rough search form based on usage with googleboxes and xslt templates for results.

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Search bar for sites based on XSLT as target for results

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form, template, search, html, xhtml, google

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