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echo lcd c:\DestDir >  ftpcmd.txt &
echo get File.txt   >> ftpcmd.txt &
echo quit           >> ftpcmd.txt &
ftp -A -s:ftpcmd.txt -n -v

Rem similar to wget

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ftp from the command line - Here's an example, similar to a wget, all on one line but broken into several lines here for readability:

Commands are delimited using DOS/Window's &. Optionally, the first command could be a del File.txt.

The echo commands create a temporary file, ftpcmd.txt, with three commands:

   1. lcd (a local cd to change the local directory),
   2. a get command to perform the file transfer
   3. a quit to exit from the ftp prompt

ftp's command line parameters:

   1. -A login anonymously
   2. -s specifies a command file
   3. optional -n and -v suppress printed messages
   4. ...and the ftp server's ip address.

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ftp from the command line - similar to wget

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DOS Batch