What is RSS?

The BBC has written a wonderful introduction to RSS feeds. If you're just starting out with RSS, we suggest giving it a quick read.

Snipplr RSS Feeds

Snipplr was designed to make it as easy as possible to share your code snippets with other people.

RSS feeds make this simple by letting visitors (like you!) subscribe to feeds of their favorite languages, tags, users, or any combination of the three. This means you can get notified every time someone posts a new PHP snippet. Or only Ruby snippets tagged "ajax". Or only snippets from the people in your office. The combinations are endless. The point is, Snipplr tries to make easy for you to get the info you need and get back to work.

Example Feeds

Gives you every new snippet that is posted.

Gives you all of Tyler's snippets.

Gives you all of Tyler's PHP snippets.

Gives you all snippets tagged "ajax".

If you're using Firefox or Safari, a small RSS icon will appear in your address bar whenever you are on a page with an RSS feed. You can click on the icon to go straight to the feed.

Firefox's RSS icon.

Safari's RSS icon.