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0 487 posted 11 years ago by blueocto
Easily Modify and Layout html with classes that on the fly create margins
0 453 posted 13 years ago by chrisjlee
When you can't use firebug to discover cross browser compatibility problems (i.e. internet explorer 6) then what's the fastest way to see the padding and margins? A quick solution is adding a css debug class to your container. Feel free to change...
0 629 posted 13 years ago by chrisjlee
Add two containers to the element to be centered. This is also needed for IE6: 1. <!--[if>--> 2. .navwrap ul{float:left;} 3. <![endif]-->
0 418 posted 14 years ago by kanirasta
This code centers text vertical.
2 416 posted 15 years ago by narmolanya
created some navigation buttons for a site i'm working on, this is without images in a horizontal arrangement. kevh.net has the article on creating the vertical navigation, and how to do both using images instead of native CSS styling
1 482 posted 15 years ago by kevh
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