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Update multiple fields using #ajax in Drupal 7 form
0 676 posted 5 years ago by guruparthi
Add the code below to change the Home & Site URL that is configured in the database (wp-options table) by WordPress. Whenever you copy/move a site to a new hosting and the URL has changed you can use the code below to fix any strange redirects that m...
0 546 posted 8 years ago by 108Bits
Aspose.PDF for Cloud API has released PHP SDK which allows PHP developers to convert PDF files uploaded to a remote server to other formats. You can pass URL and format parameters to specify the PDF’s URL and output format and use the PUT method of...
0 1201 posted 8 years ago by johansonkatherine
Open your function.php of your active Theme. Copy your code insert and call the new Site URL. After delete the code snippet.
0 629 posted 9 years ago by WMSchneider
This snippet shows how to retrieve information from the SEO plugin of Yoast, to be used for front-end use. This snippet is taken from the opensource free Nexus WP framework supporting front-end editing, custom layout and drag & drop.
0 513 posted 9 years ago by barkgj
Update current field data.
0 494 posted 10 years ago by tucq88
Serverside script for a personal DynDNS service. Works together with a clientside script written in ruby [ http://snipplr.com/view/55484/own-dyndns-service-clientside-script/ ] . Redirect to current saved IP(http, port 80): http://dynDns.yourver...
0 566 posted 11 years ago by madc
0 390 posted 11 years ago by shinokada
0 352 posted 11 years ago by nosmk
0 414 posted 12 years ago by jaredyeo
Drupal allows hook_update_N to run any sort of code. Most of the time, however, people only use this to alter the database scheme. But you can use it for much more. Like setting variables, creating nodes, importing views and so on. This code show...
2 655 posted 12 years ago by berkes
This snippet allows you to update multiple rows of a database using a single form in one easy click
0 845 posted 13 years ago by daveismyname
Here is a small function that I use to update records in a database. It coincides with the insertFromPost function that I have posted earlier. The element names in the form need to have the same name as in the DB and the field names should all...
1 490 posted 13 years ago by brownrl
More of a setQueryString
0 423 posted 13 years ago by iloveitaly
Very simple snippet to include if you want to auto update the year in a page copyright using PHP.
6 594 posted 13 years ago by 1man
Allows you preserve and update a query string and it's existing values easily, instead of constantly appending the new value to the end of the query string
1 599 posted 14 years ago by simplistik
Way to update the footer of a website automatically on 1st Jan.
3 521 posted 15 years ago by 1man
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