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how to get php pagerank checker script, simple class.
2 604 posted 8 years ago by codingforever99
This is a simple script to go into your downloads directory ( mac ). Move everything to a .YYYY-MM-DD folder. Thus you Downloads directory gets cleaned up and anything that was there has been placed into a hidden folder for finding later. My Downl...
1 439 posted 10 years ago by brownrl
Monster.com Clone v6.3.8 is a ready Job-Portal and the best clone of Monster.com. The script comes packed with tons of essential features.
0 412 posted 10 years ago by iTechScripts
**Example of use:** <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php"><img src="<?php echo get_favicon('http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php') ?>" alt="Favicon" title="See PHP documentation" width="16" height="16" /></a>
0 958 posted 10 years ago by phpdev
If you are using the [TimThumb](http://code.google.com/p/timthumb/ "TimThumb on Google Code") script with a URL the contains tildes (~) and images are breaking, here is the fix... I did not create this snippet but found it extremely useful so I th...
0 655 posted 10 years ago by tacudtap
Extracts the video title & download URL from a youtube page and starts a download.
3 965 posted 10 years ago by codespartan
0 620 posted 12 years ago by rstandley
This function will return the correct url for the timthumb php script (wordpress 3.0 or higher required!) Usage: just call the function in your theme with the post id as parameter, it will return a value so store this into a variable (must be ins...
0 424 posted 12 years ago by krike
By Philkav for reddit [r/mw2]
0 394 posted 12 years ago by philkav
Working on creating a 'days ago' script. I know some already exist, but I just want to know how to do it myself. I'm also incorporating leap year functionality and some utility functions that could be used on other projects.
2 642 posted 12 years ago by alvincrespo
Detect and echo browser version including differentiating between Chrome and Safari.
3 675 posted 12 years ago by vagrantradio
Many scripts rely on `$_SERVER[SCRIPT_URL]` which is sometimes missing. This function detects it from other server variables and fixes the missing field.
1 908 posted 13 years ago by drwitt
Modified version of the script created by Dave Stevens, Enables the user to input their credentials on a webpage rather than having to change the actual php script code. Changes: Changed $user,$pass,$term This is a modified script, the original...
0 519 posted 13 years ago by jonathonmaguire
Do not use this php file exactly as it is. It's only to demonstrate the basics of the api. You *must* do form checking to ensure safe values are passed. Also, it's a really bad and very insecure practice to put a form like this publicly on your w...
1 837 posted 13 years ago by shaunjanssens
1 539 posted 15 years ago by ibomb
2 460 posted 16 years ago by weitzman
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