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JavaScript code to facilitate dynamic re-sizing of an iframe at the same time as the browser window is re-sized, as well as making sure that the frame scales proportionally to its width and height.
1 541 posted 9 years ago by leodruker
Bind onload function to the iFrame and set the size of the iFrame to the iFrames loaded content. In the example jQuery is used.
5 567 posted 9 years ago by Neven
Funció que agafa les mides de la pantalla i redimensiona proporcionalment una imatge per a que s'adapti a ella.
0 498 posted 11 years ago by hectorlorenzo
Given an iframe element and a header element, make the iframe just high enough to fit in the browser window. On window resize, readjust. Keep a minimum height for the iframe.
0 524 posted 11 years ago by kendsnyder
Resize iframe height. This means if the content of your iframe is longer than the iframe height, and the iframe doesn't have a scrollbar, you can resize the height of the iframe so the content is viewed.
0 465 posted 11 years ago by kodomonster
8 854 posted 14 years ago by chrisaiv
Post a stripped down version of the page if you can. One that shows exactly how the iframe fits into the structure of the page. The solution I settled on works like this: The parent page has a javascript function like this: function insertIt()...
0 672 posted 14 years ago by jamesming
Very simple drag and resize function.
1 577 posted 15 years ago by 1man
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