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This snippet can be used to redirect the user to a different page (launch-page index.html) using only HTML
0 481 posted 11 years ago by sommertim
A user may click a link on a mobile site which should open a page on the desktop site, not the mobile site. Appending the following code to the link will do that.
0 670 posted 11 years ago by amandalaine
Redirects all server inquires to the one url to reduce duplicate indexes. AKA. http://www.ex.com and http://ex.com
0 465 posted 12 years ago by CKOink
0 383 posted 12 years ago by graphical_force
Can be used as default.htm page to redirect to the desired page
0 510 posted 12 years ago by fnx
You must use Google friendly domain redirect in these cases: You changed a domain name for your web page and want the old one to redirect visitors to a new one. You have many domains for your website (one primary and many alternative). You want to...
1 435 posted 13 years ago by RM
In the content property, the first number is the number of seconds until the refresh, the URL is where the redirect will go.
2 600 posted 14 years ago by chippper
Use to redirect an html page after headers have already been sent. The 5 is the number of seconds before redirect to the URL.
1 485 posted 16 years ago by pckujawa
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