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Hey guys, I struggled a little to find a crossbrowser, non repetitive params way to embed swfs; this object embed works flawlessly for me in all browsers - ie7, ie8, safari, chrome, firefox. Why is swfobject and YouTube using this format - http://cod...
0 699 posted 12 years ago by digitalzoomstudio
0 614 posted 12 years ago by rumremix
This code will allow you to embed flash on websites and those sites will validate on w3c validator. Unfortunately, sloppy developers don't usually care about validation. :/
1 779 posted 12 years ago by trusktr
Embed tag doesn\'t validate. Quick solution.
0 516 posted 13 years ago by resting
For cross-browser code--which is not necessarily valid--the [Embedded Media HTML Generator](http://cit.ucsf.edu/embedmedia/step1.php) provides a great starting point.
1 604 posted 14 years ago by wizard04
PHP: The Basics - Manual
1 545 posted 15 years ago by dvdrtrgn
1 509 posted 15 years ago by AgentPhoenix
phpspot開発日誌より引用 -- このファイルでは、外部ファイルである、/exec/some.html というファイルを読み込んでいます。 IEの場合、タグにスタイルでサイズを指定しないと見えないのでæ...
0 398 posted 16 years ago by fabric1
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