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Can also be used to load scriptaculous, or any js file in WP
2 466 posted 14 years ago by davebowker
0 415 posted 14 years ago by iTony
Fields are tab delimited and need to match table schema. I've found the tab separator ASCII(009) preferable over using a comma. The second version can help remove double quotation marks around character fields. Don't forget the keyword LOC...
0 638 posted 14 years ago by RICHARDP
Wasn't fully tested :) Just for reference...
3 460 posted 14 years ago by oxisound
The setTimeout ensures that if there is an issue attaching the link to the bottom of the head (e.g. if the head hasn’t finished loading when the link is trying to be attached) it retries after 100ms. Resetting the css variable to null avoids potent...
1 769 posted 15 years ago by natalie
0 590 posted 16 years ago by gdonald
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