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How to mark external links with an arrow behind by using CSS
1 222 posted 8 years ago by steho
Use CSS3 to animate the colour of links.
0 252 posted 10 years ago by geekyjohn
Some elements that are clickable mysteriously don’t trigger a pointer cursor in browsers. This fixes that, and provides a default class “pointer” for applying it to other clickable things as needed.
0 208 posted 10 years ago by JohnGR
This snippet basically gives us the best of both worlds, allowing the best usability when it comes to link outlines for both screenreaders tabbing through links, and mouse users.
0 224 posted 10 years ago by paul66
This little trick will prevent line breaks on your links. I recommend using this with long text to avoid having links break into 2 lines.
0 256 posted 10 years ago by blueocto
0 190 posted 10 years ago by lickasha
This also use PIE.htc to force rounded corners in IE.
0 358 posted 10 years ago by Meander365
This piece of CSS code will highlight links that open in a new window so that user knows before hand that link will pop open in a new tab or window.
0 301 posted 11 years ago by paulgrenwood
Remove that pesky dotted border around img elements, especially images inside <a> / link tags.
4 319 posted 12 years ago by charmcitycoder
IE 5.5 to 6 don't support generic PNG with Alpha-Channel To get the advantage of PNGs use the akward AlphaImageLoader-filter (AIL) as described on the msdn site ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms532969(VS.85).aspx ). But because the AIL...
3 317 posted 13 years ago by HerrSerker
¿Por qué empeñarnos en hacer enlaces que actúen como botones? ¿Por qué no hacemos botones que parezcan enlaces?
0 224 posted 13 years ago by j_junyent
Por ejemplo, haciendo uso del operador ^= (que nos permite seleccionar solo aquellos elementos cuyo atributo especificado coincida, al comienzo de la cadena, con el valor especificado) podremos crear una reglas para determinar el aspecto de nuestros...
4 293 posted 14 years ago by Hirmine
Simple styling for the links on a webpage using CSS. Sometimes hard to remember what order the have to be in for the :hover to work correctly. (Now fixed :)
2 390 posted 15 years ago by 1man
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