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STICKER - A valid, easy to use CSS sticky footer by Ryan Fait This is the basic CSS you need along with the one extra empty div and the wrapper required to achieve the effect. I suggest that you leave the * { margin: 0; } code in while testing a...
8 943 posted 16 years ago by daeliur
A great script that will serve up stylesheets based on browser viewport size.
5 967 posted 17 years ago by aznprncritic
Mirror of library
2 1830 posted 17 years ago by jmah
This handy CSS attribute can be used to keep text from wrapping. It can also be used to keep other HTML elements from wrapping. Simply apply the white-space:nowrap attribute to any HTML element to force text and images to not return within a specifie...
5 3241 posted 17 years ago by jonhenshaw
BODY {font-size:62.5%} This takes 16px down to 10px (16 x 0.625 = 10), which apart from being less huge is a nice round number. From now on it’s easy to think in pixels but still set sizes in terms of ems: 1em is 10px, 0.8em is 8px, 1.6em is 16px,...
3 1005 posted 17 years ago by zensir
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