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- a javascript for alternate row/column table striping - supports row hover, column hover and cell hover effects and click events. demo here: http://www.frequency-decoder.com/demo/table-actions/
0 518 posted 14 years ago by beneberle
Namespace to avoid collision with other javascript variable/method names
1 529 posted 14 years ago by inkdeep
This comes in handy when working in big objects and you need to see what's happening on the inside of an instance. I aliased 'console.log' to 'put' and wrapped it in a try/catch block that throws alerts if no console is available. Less typing - an...
1 486 posted 14 years ago by inkdeep
Text beim tippen wo anders anzeigen
1 476 posted 14 years ago by skrippendorf
Quickly get the index of the current element. I find myself re-using this several times in a document, so I made a lil' function for it.
3 887 posted 14 years ago by dougunderscorenelson
If you ever need to list all the internal functions of JQuery without the use of googling. You can always use the following command with firebug.
1 555 posted 14 years ago by chrisjlee
Version differs slightly from the demo, as the src for the thumbnail image is a child of the demo example, so has been slightly modified.
0 606 posted 14 years ago by davebowker
an external javascript sort function, which you can import into flash to help sort arrays of objects. include the script thus: #include "objSort.js"
2 647 posted 14 years ago by stiobhart
Enable jQuery on any website, just clicking on a bookmarklet with this code. Or drag & drop this on your bookmark bar: <a href="javascript:(function(){var%20s=document.createElement('script');s.setAttribute('src','http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs...
4 616 posted 14 years ago by danielfilho
Assign methods to a Function prototype when you intend to create instances of the type of object. Use object literals when you just need a container for functions.
0 649 posted 14 years ago by segdeha
just testing snipplr.com
0 450 posted 14 years ago by cfleschhut
Used here: http://www.criteriondg.info/wordpress
1 449 posted 14 years ago by Skeku
I made an absolute tinny code to find the highest z-index of absolute DIV to show my shouting box and to make it appear absolutely at the top of all html elements. I used selector of ”body > *‘ instead of ‘body *‘. ”body > *‘ means...
2 739 posted 14 years ago by adnan
Call with the path of any javascript you want to load into the HEAD of the ASPX page.
1 811 posted 14 years ago by jink
Adds a class of hasJS to the html element, can be used for CSS styling.
1 667 posted 14 years ago by 1man
you can use this function for ie javascript bug. Ä°t is switchin display with javascript
0 511 posted 14 years ago by Thresh
A lovely little one liner that strips out all non alphanumeric chars first, then replaces the spaces with hyphens, then converts all to lowercase :D
0 429 posted 14 years ago by xtheonex
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