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This script will allow you to choose which site you want to login to (Choose from WHMCS, TCAdmin, Cpanel) You need to edit the action= in each form to the correct address of your website.
1 419 posted 13 years ago by jcroom
Determines whether or not the page has been requested directly, or through AJAX. This can allow for combining a page and related AJAX responses within the same script.
1 544 posted 13 years ago by Wilco
Memory leakage in IE6/7 if the event handlers are not purged before deleting an element.
0 456 posted 13 years ago by iTony
2 642 posted 13 years ago by iloveitaly
This script reads a directory of files. After reading the directory specified it outputs the directory files. Upon output, supplied functions manipulate each filename and format it to make the output filename look better. e.g.: instead of output bei...
2 591 posted 16 years ago by drewrockshard
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