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You can simply put it in your reset stylesheet. It visualizes the classic rotating gif while the document's images are coming from the server at page load.
3 439 posted 12 years ago by claudiowebdesign
Taken from (http://jc-designs.net/blog/2009/08/background-image-on-submit-button-in-ie6/)
1 586 posted 12 years ago by resting
It determines background image for the element. If the background color is specified for the element at the same time it will be shown while the background image will have been downloaded fully. The same will happen if the image is inaccessible or th...
0 439 posted 12 years ago by Masis
replace the default 'submit' form button with a custom image
1 418 posted 12 years ago by mumra
The top image cant be a PNG. This is because the code just make the top image disappear and if the PNG has a transparency to it you will be able to see right through it.
1 457 posted 12 years ago by gera3d
0 440 posted 12 years ago by thesmu
In the example .description is a label and so needs to be made a block level element. For <p> elements (etc) this is not needed. The key to all this is overflow:hidden.
0 518 posted 12 years ago by Meander365
When developing a website, an important consideration is accessibility on other media, including the medium of print. However, the printing engines of most browsers render content differently to allow for simple printed pages. One of the most notable...
1 600 posted 12 years ago by karlhorky
[via rtcrm] Image/Text replacement for clickable image. This is useful for logo images.
1 461 posted 12 years ago by mennyj
full size bg image with css
2 509 posted 13 years ago by scitrenbaumgmailcom
1 467 posted 13 years ago by landonmiller
Use this little bit of CSS to get rid of the active link dotted border in Firefox. A must have when doing the text-indent:-9000px; image replacement technique on links.
0 623 posted 13 years ago by toddaeverett
1 479 posted 13 years ago by crs
This is handy for cleaning up your HTML to use more plain text and fewer img tags. Whether this is SEO friendly or not is subjective. I tend to think it's fine as long as you don't use it for spam. Digg implements a similar method for their main logo...
1 681 posted 13 years ago by adamcoulombe
Ever needed to restrict an images size? Or stop it from growing best the size of your div/table. It’s a horrible feeling when you see your nicely designed site get trashed by a single image because it’s a pixel or two too big! And if it’s a...
1 617 posted 13 years ago by scopefragger
Neat CSS fixed background image scrolling 'trick'
3 485 posted 13 years ago by myrebel420
0 446 posted 13 years ago by davebowker
0 360 posted 13 years ago by ainara13
This method maintains its integrity with all combinations of images on/off and CSS on/off. This method works by laying an empty span over the top of the parent element with the required image applied as a background to that span. There is howev...
4 792 posted 14 years ago by justinseiter
This will create a bulleted list using images as the bullets.
2 517 posted 14 years ago by cbx
In original Shea Enhancement, image had higher z-index than drop-down menu items. Changing z-index of entire H1 made text appear above image in some browsers. Could not change z-index of menu items. Added an extra span tag and two classes to the m...
0 521 posted 14 years ago by skylenewman
1 490 posted 14 years ago by jessnoonyes
I did not author this code. I came across it and have found it to be useful.
2 540 posted 15 years ago by gtalmes
The selector portion of the CSS rule targets which XHTML tags/classes this rule will be applied to. At first glance, it looks like all img tags as well as all tags with a class of "png". You’ll notice the * html in front of both of these. Wait, the...
15 1009 posted 15 years ago by jonhenshaw
Sitepoint have this useless but cool feature if you hold down the middle click to autoscroll the page - they have replaced the image that indicates scrolling
1 416 posted 15 years ago by natalie