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Should also work in IE6 because of the filter
5 406 posted 13 years ago by 1man
En IE6 el min-height se reemplaza en realidad con height, porque por un error de Explorer tiene exactamente el mismo efecto. Este código hace que la caja tenga 700px de mínimo tanto para FF como para IE6.
0 326 posted 13 years ago by demixo
Content may disappear on window resize in IE6/Maxthon, when using expressions to set min-width/max-width. To fix it - just remove 'position:relative' in #container.
0 261 posted 13 years ago by DesTincT
à utiliser avec 3 fichier .js
0 360 posted 13 years ago by frakim
IE6 and before doesn't support :hover in CSS (except for anchors). You can use this script to make hovers work in IE. Just add the following line to your stylesheet (this assumes the path of the file -- you may need to change it to reflect your paths...
7 799 posted 15 years ago by jonhenshaw
Javascript expression in css to allow for min/max widths. replaces the min-width, max-width that works for IE6.
78 2005 posted 15 years ago by roberocity
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