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This is the javascript code that enables you to create hover effects also in IE6. It's clean, it's light, it's super! :) Apply that code to your document (eg. in <head></head>) and in css add like this: ul li:hover, ul li.shover { your css st...
1 362 posted 12 years ago by mihael
4 473 posted 13 years ago by conspirator
There are several fixes out there that work in different ways, but none of them are perfect (especially regarding background images). Here's a list of the ones I've found that work reasonably well&mdash;try them out to find one that works for your w...
0 292 posted 13 years ago by wizard04
1 409 posted 13 years ago by ginoplusio
If you've ever been frustrated at fixing multiple double margin / duplicate character bugs in your page, using this handy jQuery snippit, you can wipe them away instantly! This code requires the latest version of jQuery.
3 512 posted 13 years ago by haxd
6 446 posted 13 years ago by AlexWolfe
Should also work in IE6 because of the filter
5 405 posted 13 years ago by 1man
1 386 posted 13 years ago by conspirator
En IE6 el min-height se reemplaza en realidad con height, porque por un error de Explorer tiene exactamente el mismo efecto. Este código hace que la caja tenga 700px de mínimo tanto para FF como para IE6.
0 322 posted 13 years ago by demixo
Content may disappear on window resize in IE6/Maxthon, when using expressions to set min-width/max-width. To fix it - just remove 'position:relative' in #container.
0 260 posted 13 years ago by DesTincT
à utiliser avec 3 fichier .js
0 357 posted 13 years ago by frakim
Serve your xhtml pages correctly with this script and xsl file. Most websites serve their xhtml pages as text and not xml to Internet Explorer. With this it will serve to IE as xml. Your sites will be more valid because they will validate against the...
1 615 posted 13 years ago by neal_grosskopf
Getting SuperSleight running on a page is quite straightforward, you just need to link the supplied JavaScript file into your document inside conditional comments so that it is delivered to only Internet Explorer 6 or older.
3 503 posted 14 years ago by jonhenshaw
In IE5 and IE6 the transparancy in PNG images won't happen at all, so this would fix it. This might come really useful while we are in the era of switching to better standard-friendly browsers.
7 460 posted 14 years ago by iTony
paste above in HEAD tag
1 311 posted 14 years ago by clapfouine
IE6 and before doesn't support :hover in CSS (except for anchors). You can use this script to make hovers work in IE. Just add the following line to your stylesheet (this assumes the path of the file -- you may need to change it to reflect your paths...
7 797 posted 15 years ago by jonhenshaw
A useful but often overrated JavaScript function is the browser detect. Sometimes you want to give specific instructions or load a new page in case the viewer uses, for instance, Safari. Copy this script into your JavaScript files. It works immedi...
1 390 posted 15 years ago by jonhenshaw
Javascript expression in css to allow for min/max widths. replaces the min-width, max-width that works for IE6.
78 1981 posted 15 years ago by roberocity
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