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This snippet is used to set some wordpress directories / paths directly to the server name.
0 754 posted 10 years ago by mralexjuarez
Script per copiar els fitxers canviats en una revisió git al servidor remot via sftp, using PHP Secure Communications Library (phpseclib): http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpseclib/. Útil per usar amb 1and1.
0 759 posted 11 years ago by marcniko
Update a Git repo with PHP
0 537 posted 12 years ago by adampatterson
make a tarball of only the changed directories in a git repos, since last tag. replace {tagname_last} with any name you siwh to give the tarball replace {tagname_previous} with a git reference (like a tag) from which you want to zip the changes.
0 784 posted 14 years ago by berkes
0 604 posted 15 years ago by endorfin
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