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0 378 posted 15 years ago by mcfearsome
Pre 1.6 git has some annoying whitespace checking in it's pre-commit hook. Rather than turn it off I decided to have a go at an automated method to fix the issue. Running the first line lists the files that have problems. The second just adds a se...
0 1143 posted 15 years ago by benpjohnson
The script was modified slightly based on comments.
0 660 posted 15 years ago by sudarkoff
Do this from inside a Git repository, and it will do a 'git push' every time you do a 'git commit'. This defeats a bit of the purpose of having a distributed SCM, but it's good for certain situations.
0 821 posted 15 years ago by trey
Generates a ChangeLog from git repository.
1 533 posted 15 years ago by felipec
0 539 posted 15 years ago by Mikker
This command will not delete the .DS_Store files from the file system, just take them out of version control. Before doing this it would be a good idea to setup the repository to ignore .DS_Store files.
1 1381 posted 16 years ago by jachin
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