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I use this little guy to get the width and height from a filename. Often when I need to show a flash swf file I don't have an easy way to tell the width and the height of the file for display. However is the file name is "some_flash_file 300x250.swf"...
0 113 posted 9 years ago by brownrl
You can use this code under MIT licence.
0 134 posted 9 years ago by digitalzoomstudio
This class is used to convert any WYSIWYG text to flash friendly text. Hope you people would like that.
0 97 posted 9 years ago by aamirrajpoot
Often PHP can't interpret POST data because it is not form-encoded. This is typical when the post data is XML from API's like Flash's XmlSocket. You can use the following methods to read the POST data directly.
1 216 posted 13 years ago by mthorn
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