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Convert Symbol to Bitmap in Current Layer
0 197 posted 5 years ago by janusoo
Often in Flash, the mouse is used to zoom or scroll, and by default the document <body> tag will also pick this up, making the page scroll away - which is annoying when you just want to view the Flash element. This snippet intercepts mouse scroll...
0 111 posted 8 years ago by singalongwithdavehotmailcom
A SWFObject embed example with all options.
0 101 posted 9 years ago by geekyjohn
0 96 posted 9 years ago by stephcode
Free JavaScript slideshow with thumbnail gallery, zoom-in-effect, zoom-out-effect and transparency-effect (opacity). Add as many pictures as you like. Each picture can be linked and commented. The thumbnail gallery can be displayed or hidden. True co...
0 113 posted 9 years ago by fabulant
Javascript solution for embedding Flash in HTML
0 119 posted 9 years ago by vriesdewie
This code is pretty simple but massively useful. You can select any number of elements on the stage in Flash, then run this JSFL Command and it will round their x and y values to the nearest whole number. It's very handy when you want things to be on...
1 117 posted 9 years ago by jknight42
Also we can use HTTP_ACCEPT
0 73 posted 10 years ago by kossmoss
Change these lines in your TinyMCE settings.
0 97 posted 11 years ago by PesPes
Basic setup code for using SWFObject to embed flash content in a plage.
2 98 posted 11 years ago by irishspacemonk
include document ready and standard code to run swfobject smoothly in IE6
1 108 posted 11 years ago by apro2000
Just to include and implement the SWFObject to an HTML body from a generic "/js/" directory with some basic varibles. [applies to OLD version of SWF Object]
1 64 posted 12 years ago by mattkenefick
0 72 posted 13 years ago by miziomon
Handy for after submitting a form or moving sites and wanting to tell users about the change. Just change the URL (can be absolute or relative) and the timeout. Shown here as 5 seconds.
5 139 posted 13 years ago by mountainash
Patch para quitar el molesto cartel en una sola linea de codigo. Lo interesante es que hace una cola de funciones para el "OnLoad". Mas que nada sirve si tenes un sitio armado y tenes que meter este patch en todas tus paginas. Con la funcion "fixO...
2 98 posted 13 years ago by inakiabt
guardar como flash.js
0 98 posted 14 years ago by kanirasta
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