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For when I catch a bad case of stupid and forget how to write simple php and I need to put the training wheels back on. Drop this in before the closing body tag on a php page to see a list some of what is happening when the page loads.
0 356 posted 14 years ago by inkdeep
Lorsque vous cherchez le cheminement jusqu'à une fonction/méthode particulière, vous ajoutez un « debug_print_backtrace() ; » dans celle-ci et lors de l’exécution ça vous affiche un truc du style : #0 MusicFactory->loadDataForDetail(925...
0 349 posted 15 years ago by olive
An easy debug trick: gives you a variable that you can print in any tpl.php to find out what vars you have available there.
1 595 posted 15 years ago by berkes
1 647 posted 16 years ago by nicolaspar
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