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////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// function debug($ch,$force=false) { global $debugphp,$iphost,$ch_debug; $ip=getenv('REMOTE_ADDR'); if ((($debugphp==true)||($force==true))&&(in_array($ip, $iphost))) {...
0 523 posted 11 years ago by kspal
1 601 posted 12 years ago by vagrantradio
When you can't use firebug to discover cross browser compatibility problems (i.e. internet explorer 6) then what's the fastest way to see the padding and margins? A quick solution is adding a css debug class to your container. Feel free to change...
0 671 posted 13 years ago by chrisjlee
Great little debuging snippet found while browsing. The code adds different coloured borders to the assets depending on its level. Leave commented out if not needed.
96 4747 posted 16 years ago by 1man
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