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The first function make short urls. The second function decode a short url with CURL. It gets the http header of the short url page. If the header contains a "Location:" header, then it's a redirect, and the decoded url is the url in the "Location"...
1 1007 posted 13 years ago by ginoplusio
an easy-to-use function to connect to your del.icio.us account and perform a query. query commands can be found on their api help: http://delicious.com/help/api
1 398 posted 13 years ago by stephanepericat
The following are instructions to "re-post" files that have been already been POSTed to your php script. This can help if you want to have a form (with file upload) that POSTs its data to your own script where the text elements can be handled and the...
2 580 posted 13 years ago by benjaminpearson
correct code for subbing someone to icontact through curl
0 365 posted 13 years ago by legacye
this comes from YAPB plugin for WordPress. kudos to the author. (there are some functions that are deprecated in PHP 5.2+ - you'll need to replace eregi with the mb_ version). This should be quite failsafe, regardless if curl is installed or the set...
1 690 posted 13 years ago by iroybot
Simple PHP script which allows you to specify your twitter log in details and a search term, then automatically follow users who have tweeted that term. Code is released as Open Source, use it as you wish - please leave my URL in the commented sectio...
3 989 posted 13 years ago by shakefon
updated 2013-04-18! just replace the XXX fields with your own numbers. Then run this PHP Script from the command line (CLI mode). It will fetch the online statements from Hypovereinsbank direct banking. The code works by tweaking CURL settings...
0 996 posted 14 years ago by uioreanu
To find your numerical Twitter ID, login to Twitter and click on your RSS feed (bottom of the page). The URL will look something like http://twitter.com/statuses/friends_timeline/12345678.rss. Your ID will be the 12345678.
9 668 posted 14 years ago by nerdsane
To use href.in API to generate a short URL. using php curl
1 450 posted 14 years ago by nerdsane
Is.Gd is a URL-shortening service much like TinyURL. Using PHP’s cURL library, you can create shortened URLs on the fly with ease. “is.gd” is much shorter than “tinyurl.com” so if you need the URL to be as short as possible, use this method...
0 480 posted 14 years ago by nerdsane
3 473 posted 15 years ago by multani
In light of last nights tornado warnings here in TN, I thought it appropriate to post this little bit of code that I use to alert myself and others of dangerous weather conditions via SMS/Email alerts. I run this through cron at Dreamhost without...
9 604 posted 15 years ago by johnself
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