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Code to upload a file in PHP
0 345 posted 2 years ago by devquora
BroadNet Technologies furnishes you with a variety of PHP Sample SMS code examples and programming objects, and assist you in connecting to our gateway via the PHP script. Sending your messages via our designed PHP SMS Sample Code is easier than you...
0 298 posted 3 years ago by Broadnet
Get Current Server Path in PHP
1 269 posted 5 years ago by ursdeep
An Utility to Search Text in All Files of Any Directory in PHP
1 326 posted 5 years ago by ursdeep
Shorthand for Ternary Operator in PHP
1 215 posted 5 years ago by ursdeep
Different ways to change the Maximum Execution time for PHP Scripts
1 260 posted 5 years ago by ursdeep
Here's a country list with continent and country by country code!
0 318 posted 7 years ago by kilise
A usefull function to minify code or string. This is part of the WPelements library class available on Github. Feedback / suggestions / improvements are welcome.
0 133 posted 8 years ago by krike
Want to be able to display the source code of any webpage, with line numbering? Here is a simple code snippet to do it. Just modify the url on line 2 at your convenience. Or even better, make a pretty function according to your needs.
2 192 posted 8 years ago by o0110o
This will get the 11-character YouTube video ID from any valid YouTube URL. Based on http://snipplr.com/view/57065/get-youtube-video-id/ but made more robust to handle additional URL inputs
0 347 posted 8 years ago by jmiller
This will let you execute certain scripts on the home page and other scripts on the other pages of the site.
0 155 posted 8 years ago by dburgess
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 php array
0 156 posted 9 years ago by freezy
0 124 posted 9 years ago by erraja_07
Takes a Singapore Postal Code and outputs its corresponding district name
0 186 posted 10 years ago by dougunplugged
This is what I wanted:\r\nI had a structure like this:\r\n-Artist\r\n --Peter Miller\r\n ---Pictures\r\n ---Press\r\n ---Videos\r\n\r\nand wanted to have the sub-sub-Menu when located on the \"Peter Miller\"-Page. \r\nSo that on \"Peter...
0 124 posted 10 years ago by zartgesotten
Detect and echo browser version including differentiating between Chrome and Safari.
3 201 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
This PHP class lets you clean and repair html code. WHAT IT DOES: delete closed tags without their opening tag, fix open tag without close, closing them automatically, check bad nesting and fix them, fix bad quotes in attributes, merge different styl...
2 449 posted 10 years ago by ginoplusio
This snippet is just an upgrade to the "http://snipplr.com/view/7396/php-file-extension-case-changer/" code. This particular code works on image files... although you can just change this line [if (preg_match("/(jpg|gif|png|bmp)/",$ext)) ] to target...
0 311 posted 11 years ago by el-artiste
1 233 posted 11 years ago by Shifter
This is a simple method of validating a 9-digit zip code using PHP and regular expressions
3 499 posted 12 years ago by aristoworks
Me he basado en el combo que he encontrado en snippler por luman por eso empieza el índice en 2
3 263 posted 13 years ago by isaac
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