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change the button text on wrong answer
0 424 posted 5 years ago by envane21
Check if the checkbox is checked or not on button click
0 460 posted 6 years ago by envane21
Most today's web browsers like Firefox (Ctrl+D), Opera (Ctrl+T) and IE (Ctrl+D) provide a keyboard shortcuts to enable users bookmark their favorite pages. But if you want to provide your visitors with a "Bookmark this page" link they can click you m...
1 1710 posted 8 years ago by apphp-snippets
Include twitter bootstrap, as of this writing is at v2.0.4 and the following JS / html to your page and also uses Glyphicons.
0 449 posted 9 years ago by crypticsoft
Just add an image... try it.
2 384 posted 9 years ago by jkdreaming
Enhanced cross-browser event handling
0 350 posted 10 years ago by wizard04
Returns an object with the `event.button` values of both the W3C and Microsoft models.
0 301 posted 10 years ago by wizard04
Code in single.php, loop.php, index.php, page.php, category.php, und archive.php , innerhalb des loops einfügen.
0 369 posted 11 years ago by PM-Webdesign
0 328 posted 12 years ago by davebowker
Starting from jQuery 1.3
1 411 posted 12 years ago by omixen
originally posted by penguin999 here: http://snipplr.com/view/3372/radio-button-values-using-jquery/
2 548 posted 13 years ago by omixen
Deals with the fact that mouse buttons are referenced in different ways by different browsers.
0 535 posted 15 years ago by MyKey_
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