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Neat CSS fixed background image scrolling 'trick'
3 482 posted 13 years ago by myrebel420
I just put all the functions in here the validateConfPass function uses the key event and the two text fields to change the background color of the confPassword field when it does not equal the pass field
0 563 posted 13 years ago by jlvallelonga
Fix probleme de transparence avec le background sous iE. Pour "crop" ou "image".
1 592 posted 15 years ago by frakim
paste above in HEAD tag
1 453 posted 16 years ago by clapfouine
Stop the background image flickering on IE by including this code in the header of your page. See link for more information.
2 598 posted 16 years ago by 1man
A bug seems to occur when you add a negative margin to a list item in IE6. The background image applied to the list item gets repeated randomly and generally messes up. Add this little gem to your head to fix the problem. Remember to change the id ta...
11 712 posted 16 years ago by 1man
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