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Use PHP's DOM parser to convert a table into plain text (including links with images)
0 792 posted 7 years ago by nigelnquande
Navigating the DOM in jQuery is incredibly simple and thats to phpQuery you can do the same in php. Below are some examples of how it's used, the key change bing that instead of $() you use pq(), and instead of a . you used ->. Theres alot more detai...
0 453 posted 9 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
Open PHP file and enter User Credentials for localhost. The default dates are set to negotiate the 2011 season, but change the date variables to match your desired season data. The start date should be the day before opening day, and the end date t...
0 414 posted 10 years ago by wa-rufio
the LIBXML parameter is what this snippet is about. Also this is one way to retrieve XML without having a XML-declaration prepended <?xml>
1 357 posted 11 years ago by iroybot
Gets the outerHTML of a DOMElement. For a more optimal version check the URL.
0 409 posted 12 years ago by Znupi
This example uses file_get_contents to retrieve remote HTML. From there, we can parse through it using PHP5's DOMDocument and DOMXpath. XPath Queries are easy to create using the Firefox extension "XPather"
3 886 posted 12 years ago by adamcoulombe
Manipulates XML nodes using PHP's Dom library. Includes XPath navigation, child manipulation, and deletion of current document.
0 332 posted 12 years ago by mikeevans
Memory leakage in IE6/7 if the event handlers are not purged before deleting an element.
0 352 posted 12 years ago by iTony
The basis to a spider.
5 434 posted 12 years ago by Unreal
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