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More info: https://www.catswhocode.com/blog/install-https-wordpress
0 172 posted 2 years ago by catswhocode
Moving a wordpress site for local dev, to staging, to production? This SQL snippet has done the job more often than not. It may not be 100% full proof but it has saved my butt hundreds of times. Please, if you know other tables or enhancements share...
0 123 posted 5 years ago by brownrl
How to change user password for a wordpress site.
0 106 posted 7 years ago by keidash
Run these queries (phpMyAdmin will do) to delete all media in the library, and remove all post attachment affiliation
0 348 posted 7 years ago by rickygri
run these in the SQL tab
0 87 posted 9 years ago by xcsteve99
This SQL takes the redirects from Drupal 5.5 tables and converts them into a format the WordPress plugin Redirection can understand.
0 72 posted 9 years ago by ethicka
This is a simple SQL statement which will update all the posts within a Wordpress installation changing the domain which files were uploaded to. Very handy if migrating a site from a test to live environment and all embedded images are referenced...
0 121 posted 9 years ago by suibhne
0 50 posted 9 years ago by theasta
1 43 posted 10 years ago by siliconsys
1 84 posted 13 years ago by drdamour
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