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This SQL statesment help you to understand which trigger is going to execute first and which one is going to execute last.
0 101 posted 7 years ago by edwinet
PostgreSQL wildcard search for any of a list of words, returns true or false depending on whether its pattern matches the given string.
0 98 posted 7 years ago by alecolucci
The sysprotects system table reports all of the permissions granted or denied in a given database. We'll need to join it with sysusers and sysobjects to get all the information we need. Here's an example query that only pulls information on objects (...
0 100 posted 7 years ago by edwinet
0 79 posted 8 years ago by cesarkohl
How to Export Data From SQL Server to Microsoft Excel Datasheet
0 133 posted 9 years ago by derebus
1 60 posted 10 years ago by PCurd
If you need to list all of the MySQL databases managed by Plesk along with their corresponding domains and login credentials, you can use this query:
1 60 posted 10 years ago by tobewan
Dead simple, but often forgotten.
1 89 posted 10 years ago by rengber
When you make a login remember to use CASE SENSITIVE on password and case insensitive on username
0 102 posted 11 years ago by ginoplusio
It's easy to find the categories used on one item, but find all categories NOT used on current item? This snippet stores a "NOT IN" query. This is used with PHP & mySQL. The query can be written differently on other databases, but this seems to w...
0 54 posted 11 years ago by stavelin
2 133 posted 12 years ago by Abe
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