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Everyone's Recent SAS Snippets Tagged path

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  1. FAV

    Using PATHNAME to Retrieve a Physical Path

    If you know a libref or fileref, the PATHNAME function can be used to return the physical location. If the libref refers to more than one physical location, all of those locations will be returned, in quotes, separated by spaces, with the whole li...
    SAS 12 views posted 6 years ago by webonomic
  2. FAV

    Retrieve the physical location of a dynamic dataset, file or folder in SAS

    The PATHNAME function can be used to retrieve the physical location of a file or directory. This can be especially useful when reassigning engines for a libref using the Macro Language. Here we want to write a Version 6 copy of the data set CLASS...
    SAS 11 views posted 9 years ago by webonomic
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