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This code sample shows how Ruby developers can create PDF file from HTML using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in their REST applications.
0 162 posted 6 years ago by johansonkatherine
Checks to make sure the file is a valid image file, checks max file size, and directory write permissions, requires 'fileutils' gem.
2 175 posted 8 years ago by kellishaver
0 65 posted 10 years ago by chrisaiv
Rake task - Copies files from one directory to another in a batch of 50 files, giving 15 seconds break between each batch.
1 75 posted 11 years ago by cnicolaou
If you get "JPEG marker not found!" error when you try to open an image file you must read it in binary mode.
1 51 posted 11 years ago by PixelMin
1 62 posted 12 years ago by neil
This is handy for testing, when you need to simulate an open file or open URI. Why, and the Pickaxe book, have better examples
1 83 posted 12 years ago by cczona
Difficult to find in documentation but so easy
3 97 posted 12 years ago by arnoldu
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