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  1. FAV

    RegEx to find replace in TextMate

    search for anything in-between two <TAG>'s and then replace the found string into the PHP if/else staement. $1 is wher TextMate stores the found string. (see http://screenflicker.com/mike/code/textmate-regex-replace/)
    Regular Expression saved by 15 people 12 views posted 9 years ago by rwczippy
  2. FAV

    Split string by commas and spaces but preserve quoted strings

    will split the string "I am" search words into [0] => I am [1] => searching [2] => words
    Regular Expression saved by 1 person 11 views posted 10 years ago by svenito
  3. FAV

    Search for MP3's, PDF's, or Comic Books using Google

    Here are a few handy searches I've collected over the years
    Regular Expression saved by 2 people 12 views posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
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