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http://www.trentmueller.com/blog/search-and-replace-wildcard-characters-in-dreamweaver.html -and- http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum46/1288.htm
0 72 posted 11 years ago by rwczippy
<p(.+)"> wählt alle p tags <option> dies entfernt alle <option> <option> <option>
0 45 posted 11 years ago by nico65
Convert headings to have id's with the content of the heading
2 48 posted 12 years ago by lagrangeapex
Developed for eclipse but prolly useful elsewhere, put the text after 'find' in the 'find' box and the text after 'replace' in 'replace'. Note: this example uses an html list item 'li', make sure to replace that with the tag you want to find
5 71 posted 12 years ago by rhlowe
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