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not an answer for everything, but perhaps for basic types
0 32 posted 9 years ago by Geronimrod
The code below creates a function in python, during runtime. Change it for their needs.
0 537 posted 10 years ago by caioariede
This function takes an amount of time in seconds and returns a human readable time span (i.e., 4h 5m 23s). The suffixes (d for day, h for hour) are configurable to whatever you want (like day, hour, week, etc). Read the comments within the code for...
2 177 posted 12 years ago by wbowers
Since the version of compose() that ships with functional only allows you to compose two functions, I present this version that composes n functions.
0 50 posted 13 years ago by collin
New and improved regexp
3 75 posted 13 years ago by ndegruchy
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