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Snippet for getting the layout handles in Magento on each request, helpful for front-end developers.
1 100 posted 8 years ago by zoranmk
Snippet for logging down all of the layout updates loaded on each request in Magento.
1 94 posted 8 years ago by zoranmk
Prints layout Handles.
0 84 posted 8 years ago by JustMadMike
Use this to disable view and layout in Zend Framework controller action
2 87 posted 10 years ago by jdstraughan
A simple class layout template that I always use to get me started. Nothing fancy. Just your basic structure.
1 89 posted 10 years ago by StrawMan
have dt and dd inline is done automatically in Firefox, but screws up in IE7. So we need additional css rules, which have to be applied only if IE is used.
0 102 posted 12 years ago by valcartei
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