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Convert a php array to an apple plist xml or text format
0 155 posted 9 years ago by Zydeco
Based upon http://csswizardry.com/2010/01/iphone-css-tips-for-building-iphone-websites/
0 101 posted 9 years ago by withinmedianl
Though an old post, this is my solution that's been pieced together from various comments on the article linked above.
1 161 posted 9 years ago by beneberle
Not is mine, I found it online, I just found it and modified it\r\n\r\nI do not remember where I took if anyone knows the original URL I will include it
2 74 posted 9 years ago by elalecs
Push service is a technology that allows you to send alerts/notifications to a mobile device. Blackberry has its own push service, iPhone has its own, and also Android devices has their own push services (you can learn more on Wikipedia page).\r\nPus...
1 128 posted 9 years ago by ginoplusio
0 67 posted 10 years ago by browncardigan
Detect if the user is browsing from and iPhone (or iPod) to server up specific content. For example, iPhone users can receive youtube video content instead of vimeo, etc.
1 72 posted 10 years ago by ericschweichler
2 87 posted 11 years ago by Thresh
18 512 posted 11 years ago by sidisinsane
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