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  1. FAV

    PrestaShop Customer Service and Support Module

    This PrestaShop support module is used to manage ticket system. By using this plugin you can manage customers queries and complaints easily.This add-on allows to your customers to submit tickets with different format attachment files. Admin can also...
    PHP 4 views posted 6 years ago by AlastairBrian
  2. FAV

    Hide Wordpress Dashboard 'Help' Tab

    Add to bottom of your theme's functions.php file
    PHP 5 views posted 8 years ago by RainyDayMedia
  3. FAV

    Edit the Help Dropdown Text

    If you take a look at the top right of the WordPress Admin panels you’ll see a button that says "Help." When you click it, Help text slides down.
    PHP 2 views posted 8 years ago by jamiebrwr
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