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This function searches the current working directory (or any other directory path that you specify with parameter $p) for a file, named $f, and returns the full path and filename of the first occurrence, or false if it is either not found or the maxi...
0 262 posted 8 years ago by VisionHive
Joomla SEF to work properly it is based on Joomla menus. In your own components for SEF to work and menus to appear your need to pass the Itemid to links. To do this you need to get the Itemid based on on the URL link. Here is how you get the Itemid...
1 254 posted 9 years ago by kevincam
Searches all array elements for a given substring. Returns an array of found key=>value pairs or false if not found.
0 201 posted 11 years ago by lancemonotone
The basis to a spider.
5 283 posted 12 years ago by Unreal
1 184 posted 12 years ago by ishkur
0 242 posted 14 years ago by whitetiger
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