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    Mysql find duplicate values in field

    Mysql find duplicate values in field
    MySQL 3 views posted 5 years ago by flatearthcomms
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    Find and Replace with MySQL

    MySQL has a handy and simple string function REPLACE() that allows table data with the matching string to be replaced by new string. This is useful if there is need to search and replace a text string which affects many records or rows, such as chang...
    MySQL 5 views posted 6 years ago by apphp-snippets
  3. FAV

    Find duplicate mysql field vale

    Prints out a list of any field containing duplicates with count
    MySQL 11 views posted 6 years ago by flatearthcomms
  4. FAV

    Find string in MYSQL

    MySQL 4 views posted 8 years ago by apro2000
  5. FAV

    MySQL Find and Replace

    This is useful for when a Wordpress environment goes live; typically the uploads have an absolute URL.
    MySQL saved by 20 people 13 views posted 9 years ago by Jamie
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    MySql script to find invalid email addresses

    MySQL saved by 2 people 3 views posted 10 years ago by fackz
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