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used to find content that uses the PHP input filter....useful for upgrading core!
0 104 posted 10 years ago by ReeceMarsland
Administering more than one node at a time through the Drupal admin interface is like drinking a milkshake through a buckytube. [How to use phpmyadmin and sql to perform mass operations on nodes](http://drupal.org/node/134535)
1 98 posted 11 years ago by zachharkey
In case you don't feel like loading 3 pages to edit a single url alias.
1 109 posted 11 years ago by zachharkey
We wanted to change all /films/example style paths to /film/example (basically remove the 's'). Here was the query that worked:
1 90 posted 11 years ago by zachharkey
I currently have project_issue nodes set for replacement pattern issues/issue[nid] in Drupal 5.x PathAuto. This query fixes all of the URL aliases for entries created before this was set correctly.
0 57 posted 11 years ago by tgbdad
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