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  1. FAV jQuery Pop up for Repeating items

    Useful jQuery for mutliple items on a page that are using the same jquery function and classes to perform an action. By traversing the dom like this the function will only be applied to the item you are clicking on and not all elements on the page th...
    jQuery find jquery window
    posted 8 years ago by i-am-andy
  2. FAV jQuery rel=\"external\" to open links in new window

    Add attribute to links to open them in a new window. Example - rel="external". Alternative to target="_blank", conforming to XHTML specification.
    jQuery jquery links window
    posted 8 years ago by Huskie
  3. FAV Set div height same as window (resize on window resize)

    jQuery browser jquery resize window
    posted 8 years ago by eme_dlr
  4. FAV Open External Links In New Window

    jQuery links window
    posted 8 years ago by dubogii
  5. FAV Jquery Window Onload

    This snippet of code is probably the most common and _valuable_ in the world of jQuery.
    jQuery DOM javascript jquery window saved by 4 people
    posted 9 years ago by creativeboulder
  6. FAV Scroll Element with Window once a user scrolls past the element

    I wrote this from scratch :) Basically I wanted a DIV to scroll with the window but it's not visible to begin with on the page. So this does it when the user scrolls past the beginning of that element.
    jQuery window saved by 1 person
    posted 9 years ago by reynish
  7. FAV Wait until page is loaded before showing content (use preloader screen)

    jQuery window saved by 5 people
    posted 9 years ago by electblake
  8. FAV Jquery open in new window

    jQuery jquery window
    posted 10 years ago by flicity
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