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Assumes that you have got a #mainnav around your menu. Works nicely with wp_nav_menu inside.
0 85 posted 8 years ago by telltec
This is a little function that dynamically resizes the navigation, taking into account the size of the item width as well
0 79 posted 9 years ago by buzzswarbrick
0 78 posted 9 years ago by delineo
This is a very useful piece of code (html, css, jquery) to have a nice animated floating menu on your page. I totally love it. I used it with jquery 1.3.2 and up
3 118 posted 9 years ago by e11world
This is just a basic example of how you would allow navigation via left/right arrow keys. This is most commonly used when navigating multiple-image image galleries.
1 76 posted 9 years ago by ATLChris
Get menu tabs to slide up/down when hovering over them. For some reason, it only starts working after you've hovered above a tab first. I should find out why that is.
0 72 posted 10 years ago by Rembrand
Use javascript to add a class of last onto the first and the last li tags in the navigation (add to global.js). Then use css to style. For instance, if the first li is home, you can set the css to hide this link (if you want the logo to act as your h...
5 113 posted 11 years ago by kstetson
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