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Used to automatically scroll up the page so that it is focused on user entry (mobile devices)
0 88 posted 4 years ago by envane21
in jquery mobile, .html() not refresh DOM. Execute this function after any DOM change.
0 107 posted 7 years ago by goo
you can use this minified jQuery snippet to detect if your user is viewing using a mobile device.
1 143 posted 7 years ago by goo
I've previously posted this here: http://snipplr.com/view/59044/flexible-site-layout-with-resize-detection/ This new version is short and more efficient, plus it no longer shows 1 (harmless) error on launch. Works the same as last time, the sizabl...
2 115 posted 8 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
Hide the url bar on page load in webkit mobile browsers.
0 236 posted 9 years ago by vagrantradio
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