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Submit function for Foundation framework
0 86 posted 4 years ago by envane21
Clear all text fields on focus based on original value with single function. The code checks for a 'title' attribute on each input with class 'text' and compares this to the current value of the field.
0 137 posted 8 years ago by Huskie
This is a jQuery custom function used for clearing the default input values of input fields without having to add a class or inline javascript like onclick or onblur. Just write your input and give it a value like you normally would and then add this...
1 112 posted 8 years ago by thursday0384
Вывод 1: Если задать функцию через jQuery.fn, то она будет работать с элементами найденными через функцию $(). Контекст этой функции будет содеÑ...
0 83 posted 9 years ago by stancox
toggle function for showing/hiding LI elements that slide up/down into the UL title box
0 60 posted 9 years ago by mckewans
Simply run the function when the document has loaded and specify setDefault to true.
0 81 posted 9 years ago by digitalclubb
This extends jQuery.is() so now you can use if ($(element).is())
0 67 posted 9 years ago by digitalclubb
Great way to check if a node exists before running a piece of code.
2 92 posted 9 years ago by digitalclubb
calling serverside function asynchronously
1 83 posted 9 years ago by hairajeshk
Select the specified option for alle html selects as jQuery.
0 95 posted 10 years ago by pogosheep
JQ - detect users browser language using http headers via ajax jsonp ajaxhttpheaders
1 149 posted 10 years ago by brandonjp
ici on souhaite qu'une info s'affiche aux survole d'un <li> mais seulement une fois qu'un délai de 650 millisecondes est passé. Cependant si l'user ne survole plus la zone avant la fin du délai, il faut interrompre l'affichage de l'info. Voilà un...
0 119 posted 10 years ago by alexandrepayet
function as jquery plugin to test if selector is found on the current page. Sample use: if ( $("#myID").onpage() ) { $("#myID img").click(function(){ //do this..here.. });
0 100 posted 11 years ago by pixelhandler
A way to time how long it takes to get through a certain block of code. Good way to measure performance on the page. You could also use the built in logging functions in firebug. Not sure how they would tally up in a test.
1 111 posted 11 years ago by 1man
If you ever need to list all the internal functions of JQuery without the use of googling. You can always use the following command with firebug.
1 93 posted 11 years ago by chrisjlee
Hi, all, this is the "checkFunction" extension for jQuery. This extension takes two parameters: 1. fPointer This parameter is the "possible" function to check 1.1 This parameter can be a String that is a function poi...
1 81 posted 11 years ago by amischol
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