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Here’s a super handy snippet that I use very often. It works very simply: once the user clicks on #submit, the data from #form is serialized and sent to a remote page using the POST method.
0 62 posted 2 years ago by catswhocode
Méthode n'autorisant que les nombres (positifs/négatifs/décimaux avec virgules ou points) dans un champ
0 28 posted 5 years ago by Igeco
N'autorise que les chiffres (avec , ou . ou négatifs) dans un input
0 24 posted 5 years ago by sebabarre
This code shows how we post HTML form by AJAX and jQuery.
0 53 posted 6 years ago by khaled__mahmoud
If someone put text into an input field (or automatic e.g. with a 2d barcode scanner) and you want to replace a part of the input (pattern) then will help this small jquery code snippet.
0 40 posted 7 years ago by bassdas
Dynamically add <label> HTML tag to input description, matching the input by adding an ID value to the input.
0 17 posted 8 years ago by jbernus
0 14 posted 8 years ago by vigoncas
This is a jQuery custom function used for clearing the default input values of input fields without having to add a class or inline javascript like onclick or onblur. Just write your input and give it a value like you normally would and then add this...
1 27 posted 8 years ago by thursday0384
Specifiy a default value to input text field. OnFocus, the default value clear and let you type a new value. If typed value is erased then the default value is set back.
2 32 posted 8 years ago by cdurocher
This should enable you to clear elements such as search boxes effectively whilst maintaining usability. Enjoy!
0 19 posted 8 years ago by Fitzgenius
No need to create a seperate function for this one. Just one line to clear the default value on click and leave the value when it has been altered.
1 15 posted 8 years ago by dyteq
If your HTML form fields have a 'watermark' default value, it will be removed when the field is focussed and replaced if focus is lost (and the user has left the field blank). To use give your form field a class of 'default-value'
3 33 posted 9 years ago by f6design
See also the [plain JavaScript version](http://snipplr.com/view/41717/default-value-for-input-fields/).
1 19 posted 9 years ago by riddla
0 13 posted 9 years ago by touffies
This is some very basic jQuery to post from a comment form on a website. I would probably change the .click to .bind("click",) and for different sites I add a success message. This code works with a basic form with text inputs named #name and #email...
3 24 posted 9 years ago by creativeboulder
Custom dropdown field, replace defaut dropdown style with custom design. This function does not replace the select field.
1 19 posted 9 years ago by touffies
Custom Radio box, replace with images
2 17 posted 9 years ago by touffies
Custom checkbox field, replace by images
2 10 posted 9 years ago by touffies
2 15 posted 9 years ago by spraitas
usage; $.toJSON($(\'form\').serializeObject());
3 24 posted 9 years ago by virgil
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