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Switch between text on button every second
0 21 posted 3 years ago by envane21
change <span> value of button with jquery
0 25 posted 4 years ago by envane21
Each image button requires two images to represent two states: the off-state and the on-state. In this case, the on-state has "_ovr" appended.
0 12 posted 10 years ago by nijgnet
I was recently faced with the problem of setting focus to the next input field. The challenge was that I didn’t know what that field was. So given an input field, find the next logical (in the order of the DOM) input field and set focus. I came up...
1 27 posted 10 years ago by Meander365
Quick script to find button elements (and elements with the "button" class) and wrap their innards in spans. Good for making rounded-corner buttons.
0 14 posted 10 years ago by dougunderscorenelson
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