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Used to stretch a video / image to fill a background without skewing. Attach to resize events
0 285 posted 7 years ago by rickygri
This snippets show how to extract the video id of a youtube video from its URL
0 351 posted 8 years ago by slimITTN
0 176 posted 10 years ago by ichnoweb
compress with handbreak, replace div
0 181 posted 11 years ago by peterbelsky
Get Youtube Video, add this as bookmark
2 225 posted 11 years ago by arvinarvin
Video For Everybody is a great way to use the `<video>` tag with fallbacks for QuickTime or Flash for users with old browsers, but it requires that every video be encoded twice (once for the MP4 and once for the OGG). This code (which requires Moo...
0 220 posted 11 years ago by Kit
Change these lines in your TinyMCE settings.
0 233 posted 11 years ago by PesPes
Basic setup code for using SWFObject to embed flash content in a plage.
2 230 posted 11 years ago by irishspacemonk
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