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Get Parameter from url query string
0 32 posted 7 years ago by goo
This will get the arguments on the query string and put them into a handy array.
0 28 posted 8 years ago by brownrl
Pass variables into javascript files using query strings, and return them using getJSvars() Example //HTML <script> //return the value of "foo" getJSvars('filename.js', 'foo');
0 19 posted 8 years ago by DenoteIt
0 120 posted 9 years ago by kashif21
First option uses a parameter in <a href="http://snipplr.com/view/46534/reading-and-writing-list-data-in-sharepoint-2010-using-spservices/">spservices method</a> to limit the results to four. Second option limits the results returned to six in the c...
0 36 posted 9 years ago by rumremix
This will only work in FF 3.5 and web-kit browsers. (post 06/20/2009)
0 13 posted 10 years ago by adamdecaf
Split and manipulate URLs easily with this module. It has similar interface to Python's urlparse library. This is patched and modified version from Denis's orignal implementation.
1 22 posted 11 years ago by miohtama
Para marcar navegaciones según la página.
2 14 posted 12 years ago by nicolaspar
1 14 posted 12 years ago by nicolaspar
This function extracts a value from a url. Very useful for tracking codes. For example, you have a url http://your.url/?source=666999, and you need the source number to be placed into a variable. Use the code below.
2 18 posted 13 years ago by 1man
in javascript use, for example: myJsonObject[&quot;js007&quot;].firstname + ' ' + myJsonObject[&quot;js007&quot;].lastnamename to return James Bond
1 16 posted 13 years ago by markireland
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