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You can put the user's cursor inside a text box or put focus on select box as soon as your page is loaded. This helps ensure that visitors do not 'overlook' an important form item on your site and this snippet only uses one line of code!
0 98 posted 7 years ago by apphp-snippets
Link body class names to trigger javascript. It requires jQuery.
0 128 posted 9 years ago by cmndo
This snippet could be useful if you use an div based design eg. with a slider or something similar. it grabs variables from the base url splitted by "#". So you can browse to your site like "http://www.example.com/#1#2" and use the first and secon...
0 174 posted 9 years ago by disas
A more flexible version of the 'official' Facebook feed dialog example. "The Feed Dialog prompts the user to publish an individual story to a profile's feed. This does not require any extended permissions." "The following simple JavaScript exam...
0 141 posted 10 years ago by coprolit
0 84 posted 10 years ago by kcmr
It is utterly annoying when DOM event handler exceptions fail silently with Firebug. This package fixes this common problem.
0 113 posted 11 years ago by miohtama
Wasn't fully tested :) Just for reference...
3 99 posted 12 years ago by oxisound
The setTimeout ensures that if there is an issue attaching the link to the bottom of the head (e.g. if the head hasn’t finished loading when the link is trying to be attached) it retries after 100ms. Resetting the css variable to null avoids potent...
1 172 posted 12 years ago by natalie
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